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We Often Get Asked Frequently Asked Questions, So We Listed Some Below


Do I need a referral/prescription from my physician first or can I see you directly? 

Yes, a referral or a prescription for occupational therapy is required.  You should always talk to your child's primary care physician if you have any concerns to discuss the need for occupational therapy, in which they will determine the medically necessity for it and provide a prescription or referral. Ordered referrals or a prescription to be on file from your primary care physician are typically needed when you plan to obtain occupational therapy services through medical insurance.   After we receive the referral/prescription, we will schedule an appointment for the evaluation.  Referrals are typically needed for CalOptima patients and a prescription for an occupational therapy evaluation is needed for PPO patients.

I have an OT evaluation/progress report done from another pediatric OT clinic just recently.  Will you accept the previous evaluation so that we can just start services right away? 

In most cases, we would like to do a new evaluation.  We know your child’s previous therapist worked hard with them, and we will also take into account their findings to help us with our recommendations for treatment.  We do a new evaluation because it is a new facility working with your child, and we would like to establish goals and a plan of care that we find are appropriate for your child with something that is more recent from our perspective.  What was the standard in goals and frequency in one facility may not be the same for every clinic.  We still need to establish medical necessity for the goals and treatment plan based on the evaluation results, and insurance companies would like to see that.   Our state board OT licenses are attached to the recommendations we do for every child, and so clinical decisions for treatment should be based also on our findings and not just the previous therapist who worked with your child. 

Are you accepting new patients? 

Yes, we are currently accepting new patients.   Please call the office for an updated timeline as there is an increased demand for evaluations.  Please know that after your child is evaluated, a detailed report will be written up and your child will be on-boarded for therapy services as soon as possible.  Please call/text or email us for an accurate timeline and availability as families do cancel and slots open up.  Evaluations are typically done in the mornings due to the high demand for afternoon appointments for ongoing sessions.  Please note that the evaluation is a one time visit and may last anywhere from 45-60 minutes, and we can provide you with an excusal note for your child's school should that be a concern. 

How does your availability look like for regular therapy sessions?

We have more morning to early afternoon appointments before 2:30pm available.  The slots for 3:00pm and later tend to fill up quickly, but please inquire by calling/texting or emailing us.  We are open Monday through Friday.  Please note that an initial evaluation is needed prior to having regular therapy sessions.

What ages do you work with?

We currently work with children between the ages of 10 months through 10 years old.  

Our clinic is designed to work with the younger population due to the small equipment we have.   

Are you taking any volunteers, fieldwork students or hiring?

Please visit our Fieldwork/Volunteering/Jobs section for further details.  Unfortunately at this time, we are not hosting any fieldwork students, and we are not taking any volunteers.    Hiring is as needed - please visit our Opportunities section for information.

Do you take cash/private pay patients?

Yes, we do.  Please call us or send an email to obtain our current pricing information.  We do offer discounts for pre-paid bulk sessions for 4 and 8 visits.  Pay-as-you-go for each visit is another option.


Do you accept Medi-Cal/CalOptima?

We currently accept CalOptima; however, we are in-network with CalOptima Community Network, and CalOptima CHOC Health Alliance  An authorization is required for an occupational therapy evaluation.  Please contact your PCP about sending a referral to CalOptima for occupational therapy with KID FUNdamentals Therapy Center, Inc.  

I thought Medi-Cal/CalOptima are all the same?

 Medi-Cal, also known as Medicaid, is a public health insurance program with criteria to qualify.  CalOptima provides health care coverage for Orange County residents who are eligible for full Medi-Cal.  Basically, CalOptima is the Orange County, CA version of Medicaid.  CalOptima has various networks that members can choose  to enroll in when they receive their CalOptima new member packet.  If you do not choose a network, it is chosen for you; however, you are allowed to switch networks every 30 days.  KID FUNdamentals Therapy Center, Inc. is "in-network" with only a few of the networks available (Community Network and CHOC Health Alliance), and not all.  

How long are occupational therapy sessions?

There is no "standard" frequency of visits or duration per day since every child's goals are unique. In some cases, children would be seen for therapy sessions once a week for 30 minutes. Other situations, may require 45 or 60 minutes 2 times a week. Depending on the medical reasons of the individual, we tailor the frequency of the child based on the results of the evaluation and ongoing therapy. If more or less frequency is required, we will adjust accordingly. No duration is set in stone.

Do you offer other services besides occupational therapy?

At this time, KID FUNdamentals Therapy Center, Inc. specializes only in pediatric occupational therapy. 

Do you work on feeding?

We specialize in addressing feeding when it comes to the sensory aspect such as food textures, self-feeding skills such as finger feeding for the little ones or using utensils, and some oral motor skills.  At this time we do not have someone on staff with an advanced practice for swallowing.  We do have some therapists on staff with SOS Approach to Feeding training and mentorship. We do remind families that feeding/eating is a process - a child may not eat non-preferred foods right away. We also need to build some trust with your child first before we go in to introduce items that they may find aversive.

Why does my child need occupational therapy?

For children with developmental delays or a known physical or mental condition associated with a high probability of delays, occupational therapy can help improve their motor, cognitive, sensory processing, communication, and play skills. This is especially crucial at a young age, as the goal is to enhance development, minimize the potential for developmental delay, and help families to meet the special needs of their children.

What can I do for my child to assure the best possible outcome?

The early years of a child are filled with new stimulations and experiences that drive their cognitive, social, and physical growth. The first 3 years of life are especially a critical time for brain development, especially if a child is delayed or restricted in development. If a child needs support to develop optimally, occupational therapy can help. More information can be established with a formal evaluation (which can be covered by insurance).    Furthermore, once your child starts their therapy sessions, consistent attendance is vital to their progress. Frequent absences causes skills to be lost and time is taken to re-teach those skills.

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